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Washed away (rp with thewhipandthepen)   


Anna nodded, still mostly asleep, and sipped the brew he had concocted for her. Something was certainly different about this man, if she could call him that. She stood up, weaving a bit but holding her cup tight to avoid spilling. With a smile, she curtsied slightly. “Goodnight, Sebastian… Sleep well.” She tottered off to her new room with Mei-rin leading the way.

Sebastian watched as the pair disappeared from the room. It was certainly strange how humans had no issue with throwing their own away at the drop of a hat.  But that was not his concern at the moment, he would speak with Mei-rin later on just before he went about closing down the house for the night.  Perhaps this would be a good thing also for the young maid, to have an apprentice which might make her more confident in her own duties as well.  Hopefully that would put an end to the frequent sounds of broken glass.

Morning came and Sebastian was just about to descend the main flight of stairs down to the first floor when he noticed Anna in her new uniform.  “Good morning Anna, I see you are ready to begin the day.”

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"A lady must always look her best, especially when she’s expecting blood," Grell rubbed his lips together and flashed a brilliant white smile outlined in blood red lipstick.

Grell was one of a kind especially in matters like this, “Well I suppose I could sacrifice a little blood.”

Sidestepping the reaper quickly Sebastian asked in a voice close to the others ear, “But what do I get in return…”

Grell narrowed his emerald-gold eyes at the demon, “Well, darling, I don’t have a soul, so I guess you’ll have to settle for something else,” he teased.

“Oh my, what a tempting offer…what shall we given for the Devil to have his due?” Sebastian replied in kind.  Strange how even dealing with something that could bring death to a human the pair considered it no big deal.

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"How the hell did I get to England?" The blonde scowled and started checking his many pockets, not appearing to be listening to the others words. "Tch… Not again. Assholes can’t accept that they’ve lost…" His wallet was gone, and he had no ID or anything on him. At least he’d been smart enough to keep his credit cards out of his wallet. And just about anything else of major importance. "Well, if your staff left doors closed, you wouldn’t have that problem. But they didn’t, and I did enter, so." He shrugged and shoved his hands back into his pockets.

Sebastian observed the young man’s rather dismissive action as he was speaking to him.  Holding back a smile he noted that if this upset him just imagine how furious he was going to be once he found out how he probably got there.

“The staff can be rather forgetful they can be at times.  But I do believe I know exactly how it is you got here.” The Butler said still with a bit of a smile on his face, “There have been instances that people show up here from time to time.  I suppose we have gotten so used to it, it does not trouble us anymore.  Sounds like that path you were on led you here.  No need to worry you will move on to your original destination sooner or later, Mr.?”

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The Whip and The Pen...: Earl Ciel Phantomhive's Chambers: I'm Still Alive!      


Rya smiled a little at Sebastian’s comment of living in the now, “It’s strange, lately for the first time I’ve felt like my past and present have truly started working together and in harmony. I spent so much of my life with Ciel and Rya butting heads and attempting to overpower each other, Ciel being me really and Rya needing to be my mask, I feared it would tear me to pieces sooner or later. It’s such a sense of peace to feel like one person and not two if even for a small moment like this.” It’s true it wasn’t perfect yet, right now she felt like the two within her were working as one, but if something triggered them to divide then she’d face some turmoil and flashbacks again like she tended to. Over time hopefully the sense of oneness she was just beginning to experience would become the norm and would not be so fragile as it was at the moment.

It was then that Sebastian turned to her and began talking about a topic that hadn’t even graced her mind yet- sex. As he spoke her face was practically devoured by a heated blush, her eyes widening a bit. The seductive sound in his last sentence caused her to look away just slightly, a shiver running lightly down her spine.

When he brushed the hair behind her ear she leaned sweetly into his touch, her cheek soft and hot from her flush of color, and her eyes moved back to his. It was natural to react to him and yet it was also still so strange, part of her was embarrassed while part was fascinated by the new feelings and her body’s involuntary reactions. Their eyes held a small stare between them during a beat of silence and then he finished speaking.

“I do trust you, Sebastian. I-I wasn’t speaking about sex though, I haven’t thought that far ahead in the slightest. Honestly, I’m not ready for that, not in the body I’m in. I’m a little… frightened of going there while being female, the thought makes me rather uncomfortable and nervous. I want time to adjust and relax first as well as to feel comfortable doing affectionate things with you. Does… um, does that make sense? This is rather hard to talk about, especially with the divide between my male mentality and my female form.” her face stayed fairly red as she spoke and she seemed to have trouble organizing her thoughts, she tried to be very direct though it wasn’t easy.

Rya couldn’t remember ever talking so outright about sex or her thoughts on it before, it was obvious the nervousness was pushing Ciel and Rya against each other once more- the harmony faltering and falling away again. Shifting a little where she sat, the young woman was sure Sebastian could hear her heart pounding erratically once more with the subject they were on and the thoughts of them possibly having intercourse.

Honestly when Ciel had passed away he’d been just at the age where he’d begun to explore his body and have urges so it wasn’t like the boy hadn’t gotten himself off a few times. Rya supposed she’d never really explored her thoughts on the difference in her genitalia in this life. Rather the subject had all together made her feel very anxious and odd in her skin so she’d avoided thinking about it. It was precisely why her menstrual cycle was always sort of a struggle for her. There was one time she’d touched herself in her current body and while it wasn’t bad it also was just too much for her to continue exploring so she hadn’t tried it again. Who was to say how Sebastian might make her feel though, he made her feel very at home in her own current skin so perhaps that would continue into intimacy but it was too early for her to think about yet.

Bringing the cup down from his mouth Sebastian listened carefully to the young woman’s words.  That was why he said precisely what he did about anything intimate occurring between them.  He knew she was not ready in the least just as she had just voiced.  But it was little things like this to keep her from rushing in to things so blindly, it was just Sebastian’s way perhaps a habit from the past of steering her into the right direction. 

Then a smile went across his face as he looked down then back into her face, “Young Mist-Rya, you are rambling.”

Sebastian said it with a bit of a laugh to hopefully coax one out of Rya as well because though he was no longer actively tuning into her feelings or thoughts they were practically shouting in his head.  Hopefully this one little bit of laughter would give her leave to just enjoy the moment for a change and not analyze it. To continue the humorous air that he wished to continue to blossom between them he continued just before his sipped his tea again, “I have not met parents in quite a long time…but then again that was another guise so-oh but that didn’t end well.  Ah well, we shall just swing for the fences will we not?”

Was he nervous?  Of course not.

The room grew quiet as he could almost feel Rya’s curiosity perking up that at last statement.  And true to their past relationship, Sebastian allowed for the quiet to build between them as he seemed to sitting there recounting what happened in his mind.  Then placing an almost innocent look on his face he turned to look at the young woman waiting for her expressive eyes to come to his.

Looking up towards the ceiling, “I do believe the entire incident put Fall River, Massachusetts on the lips of people to this very day.  Dear Lizzy, her father and an axe those were the days.”

Sebastian then spoke matter of factly as he bought is gaze back to Rya with a ghost of a laugh in his voice, “You do not own an axe, right?”

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A Meet With The Devil


Exiting the room like lightning, he trotted his way down the wooden stair case and away from Sebastian’s presence. This was a perfect opportunity to clear his head and devise a plan in getting rid of the other. He could of course, simply walk out the front door, but there were too many valuables and personal items in the house to simply leave it unattended. Another option was to drug the tea.

He could call Trip and Virus on his coil for their given assistance, but the sound of three trotting feet downstairs with certainly make a raise for suspicion. So in the end Aoba had no choice but to put the kettle on the stove and continue with his offer. When the kettle had finally whistled he drew out two ceramic cups and poured the searing liquid into them. Aoba had always enjoyed his tea and coffee with just itself, and at that he was careful to balance the two over a tray as he ventured his way back upstairs.


Thankfully, Aoba seemed completely normal and with a cheery smile he offered a cup to the other. “Ah- I usually take mine without any sugar, but if you need any I can always run back downstairs and get you some.”

Aoba gave the phrase, ‘shot from a cannon’ a whole new meaning with the speed that he left the room.  But it may have been a bit disconcerting to wake up to a stranger in your bed and you did not remember inviting them there.  But Sebastian was not there for business purposes at all, this was clearly just going to be an enjoyable meeting and his host was no doubt just as enjoyable as he was certain the tea was going to be.  Maybe once he returned with the beverage he wouldn’t feel so out of his, element.

As Sebastian fluffed the pillows behind his head he crossed his feet at the ankles while letting the blankets fall just below his waist.  He wasn’t exactly sure what it was that drew him to this place to begin with, but it seemed to have a great deal more pluses than minuses.  It was not long between the sound of the kettle whistling and Aoba’s return.  Just as he figured he actually seemed more relaxed than before as he handed him the steaming cup of tea.

“Thank you very much, but sugar will not be necessary at all.” Sebastian said, “I am a bit of a purest when it comes to drinking tea, I enjoy it as is.”

Sebastian settled back against the pillows and took along another sip of the Chai, “I certainly hope I am not putting you out but just showing up like this.”

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I like my hair messy. My love wild. And my sex aggressive. But I’m still a sensitive woman, just with passion. (via hayla86)
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I shall take my leave at this time…

As always a Butler’s day is busier than most would ever imagine.  Please note as always feel free to utilize my mobile should you need anything while I am out and about on my errands in the city.  Tomorrow night we are having a rather large dinner party here at the Estate.  Preparations on all tasks that can be done ahead of time have begun.  But you know how much of a stickler I am for things to be done properly.  The young Master will be entertaining important clients as well as discussing the final plans for this year’s upcoming Yuletide season.  But fear not, everything will be a smooth as silk.

How can I juggle all these tasks and still oversee a party fit for the front page of the morning post?

I am one hell of a Butler…