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mmm…yes the taste of your lust..
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All the good ones are
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The Whip and The Pen...: Earl Ciel Phantomhive's Chambers: I'm Still Alive!      


Rya’s thoughts buzzed and flickered through her mind, her heart beating as her mind worked a mile a minute. By the way Sebastian told her not to rush, the brunette figured the man was reassuring her that everything would be alright and that she didn’t need to think so much or too hard and that she could relax. So she attempted to do just that.

Sipping her tea as the easy silence fell, Rya broke it by saying- a small blush dusting her cheeks again-, “You are welcome to kiss me and make advances of your own accord, you know. It’ll take me a small while to adjust, but I trust you more than anyone else and you know full well that I will not fight off any passes you may make at me.” As she finished speaking she took another sip of tea and looked up at Sebastian slightly, a small smirk spreading on her lips as the sight of him flooded her mind with thoughts of “this man kissed me moments ago”.

Rya was ready though, they’d wasted too much time fighting their attraction as fate and circumstance tried to make friends. She wasn’t sure she could effectively contribute to their change in relationship yet, it would take her a bit of learning first, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t ready to start exploring them as lovers if Sebastian would guide her as she got comfortable.

A moment later a thought struck Rya’s mind and she nearly choked on her tea as she recovered from it appearing in her thoughts. Covering her mouth and coughing once or twice, the young woman actually managed to let out a laugh, “My mother is going to absolutely murder me and then she’s going to attempt to take you down as well.” the girl said, looking to Sebastian again as she realized she was now doing precisely what she told Mrs. Mackay she would absolutely not be doing. She’d reassured the woman that she was not and would not be doing anything inappropriate with the demon, “She thinks “older boys” only have one thing on their minds with high school girls.” Rya further explained, her humored smirk was entirely Ciel-like in its glee at opposing the wishes of the older woman.

Tucking some soft hair behind her ear, Rya’s piercings again showed themselves as they glittered in her bedroom light. She sipped at her tea as she continued to smirk and turned over the issue of her disobedience in her mind, very conscious of the warmth of Sebastian’s body as he sat next to her upon her bed and also drank his tea.

To lighten the mood a bit Sebastian said “Well I suppose I will have to assure your mother that I am much more than just an ‘older boy.’”

He actually had to halt his own slight chuckle on this because it was rather ironic; he was the ‘big bad’ her mother was referring to in spades. 

While the glint of her jewelry caught his peripheral vision he stated, “There will always be a bit of Ciel Phantomhive that you present to the world, it is part of who you are.  But it is refreshing to see that your past seems to be allowing your present to live in the now.”

It was rather odd for her to speak of such things in relation to the two of them.  Unfortunately aside from a direct, and albeit brief conversation they had about sex just to get the Earl by there was also that unfortunate Nun incident but that was different that was a ‘fact finding mission’.  Sebastian recalled of Ciel’s complete displeasure on how that was handled and they never spoke of it again. 

At that very moment it was like he could sense the way the young Earl was delighting in this.  Before taking a sip of his tea Sebastian said, “You know it is improper to gloat in such a public way My Lord.”

Then he paused and turned directly to Rya looking her directly in the eye.  Instead of speaking to her Sebastian spoke to the other that dwelled within that seemed to order her steps in this new world and new life.  It’s funny how we always come back to what is familiar to us, even if we don’t know what it is at the onset.  When we find it we know it. 

“But if you are going to be so exultant, do calm your host and assure her that nothing will occur until she is ready for such a thing.  It is a very important step and not to be taken lightly.  Though I am flattered that she would think of me is in such high regard.  I am after all a Demon…”

Sebastian was going to continue, but that was not the time for that topic.  And to speak of something so serious in such a casual way was quite disrespectful.  But after the years that had spent together and all the knowledge she had about him, they all knew how that sentence would end.  Plus his tone began to take on a bit of a seductive edge to it. 

“Now is not the time, we will have plenty of opportunities for kisses and other expressive, actions.” Sebastian said as he reached over and brushed the other stray locks of Rya’s hair gently behind her ear.

Holding her gaze with his for a few moments the Demon spoke softly as he finished, “I have always held your interests close at heart.  You trusted me then so I ask you to trust me now on a matter as delicate as this.”

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Claudia nodded at his words of coming back and smiled at his offer. She shifted her head to lean against his arm in a little affection jester before straightening. 

"Then on we go.." She muttered softly as he spoke of no plans. She stepped forward the slip out of the shop. Leaving thoughts of her victim behind with the doll shop as she looked to the night sky. She waited to her the sound of the door shut before she smiled.

There were still a few hours of the night left but soon she would need to retreat from the sun. For now she wanted to continue their walk, wondering what they were going to do know. She didn’t know the area very well but of course Sebastian did. She knew of the doll shop and a few other streets but that was about it.

She looked to Sebastian before looking back tot he sky with a smile. She was in no hurry. 

The beauty of the night was quickly waning, but that did not mean that this would be the last that ‘new’ London saw of them.  The fun of the doll shop was now behind them, the karmic slaughter of one that thought he would get away was now behind them but everyone needs a moment to catch up.  It seems as if the two had been quite a bit of fresh air for the other.  Many times humans never want to reflect on what it means to have endless time.  So they cram as many superficial experiences into the little time they actually exist.  But for those fortunate enough to be timeless as the pair that strolled through the streets of London, this was just another beautiful night.

When Claudia rested her head briefly against Sebastian’s arm as they left the shop it was almost as if she were thinking the same thing.  Though he could tell by the color of the sky what time it was he removed his signature pocket watch and checked the time.

How ‘human’ of him.

Sebastian began to speak to Claudia, “Perhaps since our time tonight is growing short Miss Claudia we should people watch for a while.  Who knows we may see one appropriate for tomorrow night…”

(Source: thewhipandthepen)

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